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Tourist information

HUF (Hungarian Forint)
EURO can be used almost everywhere in the country.

Hungary's electricity network operates at 220 Volts. Plugs are the regulation continental type.

GMT +1 hour

Climate: temperate zone, continental. Seasonal variations in temperature are quite large. January is the coldest month, June, July and August are the hottest.

Number of days of rainfall per year: 35
Number of hours of sunshine per year: 1853

In case of Emergency

CALL 104 for the Ambulance
CALL 105 for the Firebrigade
CALL 107 for the Police 

CALL 112 for the general free emergency number

The Police receive calls and reports 24 hours a day.

Further option to make complains is to call the Hungarian Tourist Office on the telephone number 06 1 438-8080, where the calls are received non-stop in Hungarian, English and German.